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Texas New Crop Pecans 2010-2011

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
Emma (my neice) in the pumpkin wagon

Emma (my neice) in the pumpkin wagon

Hi everyone,

Sorry, I’ve been neglectful on getting a new blog up!!!! We’ve been a little busy getting ready for the new season, as I’m sure everyone else has been also!!!  We are expecting a record crop at our big orchard in West TX, the pecans local to us around Santo are going to be pretty good!! Whatever is in the trees now are going to make and be filled out good, we just lost some to a fungus the trees sometimes get when we get a rain in June/July. But overall we are expecting a good crop. 

As you would expect (like everything else) prices may be a little higher.  Gilbert Pecan Co. will keep them as close to current prices as we can.  All commercial shellers are starting the season off with no pecans in cold storage, this is usually not the case, but China last year became a buyer in the pecan market and has bought everything U.S. shellers had in storage.  This puts the market in a little bit of a panic, and causes the supply and demand to be a little skewed.  So for awhile until we can see what the market is going to do prices may be a little high at first (November) and then level off around mid- December. 

With all that said, we are looking forward to a great season!! Our wholesale business has doubled since last year, this is causes our busy time to start earlier in the year, which is exciting.  Gilbert Pecan Co. has a display and booth at the Dallas Market Center,  this is one thing we have done to increase our wholesale customer base, which has allowed us to get our product in other retailers in TX, and all over the U.S.  You can also find our product right now at the TX State Fair in Dallas, we are located in the “Go Texan” pavillion on row 7 bottom shelf.  Kristy and I will be there this Friday sampling our product, we will also have a special promotional ticket you can only receive at the fair!!!!!  Come by to find out what it is??????

Our fall pumpkins our back at the store, come by to pick up yours!!! Limited quantity, we didn’t get as many as we had last year, they will sell out!!!! 

Again, we would love to hear from all (new or existing) customers any and all feedback is helpful.  We will have pecan pies, pecan candy, and pecans to send out for Thanksgiving, and of course all of your Christmas gifts can be taken care of by a quick call to the store or order from our website.  Our toll free # is 888-769-4501 or go to and you can ask for Rhea.  All corporate orders need to call the store and ask for Rhea.  God Bless and have a wonderful fall!!

Fall time/New crop pecans

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
Pumpkin Wagon

Pumpkin Wagon

Hi Everyone,
That time of the year is upon us once again…the weather gets cooler, football season starts back up, and new crop pecans are almost here!!

We are hoping to have new crop mammoth halves (that’s the big ones) in the store the second week of November.  That could be any of these varieties: Choctaw’s, Pawnee’s, Burkett’s, Desirables.  It looks like it will be a pretty decent pecan crop around this area, I’m not sure what prices are going to look like. 

If anyone does have pecan orchard’s that aren’t being gathered and you would like for them to be harvested please contact the store @ 940-769-4500. My dad does custom harvesting for local pecan orchards. 

Our big pecan orchard out in Denver City,TX (west texas) is going to have a decent crop as well, we always look forward to these delicious pecans!!

When your out & about  come by the store we just got our Floyd County pumpkins in. There are big ones, small ones, fat, skinny, ugly, & cute little baby ones!! 

It’s busy, busy, busy time and we love it, I look forward to seeing all of our loyal customers and lots of new ones this fall.  Have a great weekend!


And ya’ll thought we were just a pecan store……

FYI:: When your looking over your holiday recipes and it calls for a cup of pecans, but you don’t know how many pounds of pecans you will need.  A good rule of thumb is 1# of pecans ~4cups.  Thought this might be helpful.

Ofcourse you could get several pounds and what ever you don’t use keep in your freezer for the next time you make pancakes, waffles, add them in your oatmeal…..the possibilities are endless!!